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Xsan recovery tool can recover data after:
    1. Fail to start volumes
    2. Failed hard drive
    3. Corrupt inode or superblock
    4. RAID rebuild failed
    5. Corrupt metadata or crashed MDC
    6. 24/7 TeamViewer support

System requirement:
    MacOS X 10.7+ and Xsan 2.2+



    Xsan recovery tool designed to work with the data at a low level. Can recover allegedly lost files off when the mode volume. Procedure does not take much time, but it's worth the recovered files and does not do any harm to your computer, do not change the structure of meta- data , to put it simply will not make any changes to your data. It is designed to restore files and folders to another backup storage.



    Xsan recovery tool - is the exclusive application on the software market, for the moment, that a human can help administrators solve the problem of data recovery Xsan a few simple steps. Whether it's a single file or directory specified with the data in the same files and folders on a mask.

All folders and files will be located in that structure in which they were located on a volume recovery.


Before or after the payment you need to download an application that will gather the necessary information about your server to create a personalized copy of the Xsan Recovery Tool application.
There are special cases where you need me to intervene manually to produce some manipulations with Xsan system to solve the problem. But with the cost of my services will grow. Xsan Recovery Tools Serializator

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There are times when it is necessary to do the work of a specialist, in order to recover data as possible.
Payment of the expert is paid separately.


Stanislav N.Kiselev (Korgo/Torokh)

programmer & developer

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